the battle to be Chicago's most poop-filled beach 2015

Beach Season has ended.

2015 Drek Beach Champion: Osterman Beach

Final Standings

Rank Beach Poo Score
1 Osterman Beach 5255.02
2 Lane Beach 4106.87
3 Montrose Beach 3954.73
4 Foster Beach 3774.13
5 Ohio Street Beach 3021.08
6 Columbia Beach 2727.37
7 Hartigan Beach 2714.62
8 Howard Beach 2596.70
9 Rogers Beach 2588.85
10 North Shore Beach 2559.93

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Each time a beach has a swim advisory it gets one point added to its Poo Score. A Swim Ban is worth two

Swim Bans

A swim ban means that swimming is not allowed. Bans may be issued due to unsafe conditions, following a massive rain event, or extremely high e-coli levels

The U.S. EPA suggests a swim ban for e-coli counts higher than 1000 CCE. Of the 37 days in which e-coli measurements have exceeded that, bans have only been issued 21.6% of the time.

Swim Advisories

A swim advisory means that swimmers are advised to enter with caution.

The U.S. EPA suggests a swim advisory for e-coli counts higher than 235 CCE. Of the 198 days in which e-coli levels have exceeded this level (but have been under 1000), some sort of swim restriction has only been issued 42.4% of the time.